Haunters Spotlight

Haunted Spotlight: Joe Coma- Brighton Asylum

The Haunters Spotlight is a series focused on presenting an inside look into the world of those who dedicate their lives to the haunt industry. Each piece will focus on owners, actors, and staff who have deep passion and love for haunting. With this edition, we look at the career of Joe Coma, a featured actor at the Brighton Asylum, in Passaic. NJ.

logoJoe Coma has worked four years as a “scare actor” for four years and has played a variety of characters. During his tenure, Joe has played the following characters; the Grinch, Otis (House of 1000 Corpses), Jack Torrance (The Shining), and Doom-Head (31). Coma credits his love for acting and scaring people to his childhood, in which he had a passion for horror movies and visited haunted attractions. He believes that he was born to entertain and scare acting allows him to create nightmares.

22524013_10207822515520042_284133735_nComa’s approach to scaring starts at the “psychological” level, focusing on what would personally scare him.

22471555_10207822514680021_530050214_nOnce he gets to that level, he then lets loose bringing to life his interpretation of each character.Coma enjoys working with talented people and each year he takes on the challenge of playing a new role, taking in the scene, developing the character and figuring out how the scares would work is challenging in the beginning.

22497714_10207822514480016_1864403678_nHe suggests that guests remember this a “show” and should not touch the actors. For those looking at scare acting, his advice is to stay hydrated, preserve energy and study as many horror films as possible! For those who visit the Brighton Asylum this season, ask for “Dr. Satan” and he will give you a special show!