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Introducing F.E.A.R: Nightmares Gate Haunted House Review- 2017

As we continue to cover haunted attractions and events across the tri-state area, it is always a pleasure to collaborate and feature others who have a passion for this industry. We would like to welcome “F.E.A.R- Fright Experience and Review” based out of Atlanta, Georgia. This talented team of haunt reviewers lead by Megan Boyle, travel across the country to visit a wide variety of attractions. We look forward to working with this group and featuring their work and ask you to support their work! Now on to their first featured review of Nightmare’s Gate Haunted House!

Location: 4179 Vansant Rd, Douglasville, GA 30135

Web Site: http://nightmaresgate.com/

Nightmares Gate Haunted House, located in Douglasville GA. We did not arrive at the attraction until a little after 11:00 pm. By the time we had arrived, there were barely any customers there, which made for a great intimate experience. Tickets for General admission cost $25.00, Fast Pass $50.00, and their season pass (REQUIRES ID) costs $75.00. Very affordable considering the experience we were about to have.

22042166_1738585996154486_3300894873874581940_oThe first thing we noticed upon arriving was that the parking lot is tiny. I did not take note of any extended parking nearby. I would suggest when coming to Nightmares Gate to go early or later in the evening to ensure you get a parking spot! Next up we checked out the bathrooms, which were again surprisingly clean and well managed! On our way to the ticket booth, we stumbled upon many actors who were elaborately dressed. Characters are well portrayed and do not break character, which adds to the fun of this haunted attraction.

After purchasing our tickets, the actors began to interact and engage with us while leading us into the line. They gave us both props to carry to the front and made us chase them, which got our blood pumping. Being we got there so late, there was no line at all. We were able to go in immediately. Now without giving any spoilers, I just want to say that the first room/scene was SO much fun! The whole haunt is extremely interactive. In every scene, you walk into someone is interacting with you as if you are immersed into a real-life horror movie.

21587353_1728918913787861_723484156916792133_oNightmares Gate starts off slowly, and first room is comical. The props and actress had us cracking up. As we began to move forward in the haunt, we soon felt an ever-rising sense of creepiness which quickly took us out of our comfort zone. The entire attraction is custom built, and there is a great passion that goes into the development of this haunted attraction. Scare actors, costume design, and special effects were excellent! Nightmares Gate does not rely heavily on animatronics, and utilizes extravagant props, set design, and of course the actors to bring their real-life horror story to a whole other level! There were several portions of the haunt that my team and I just stopped and stood in awe looking at every detail around us. Everything around us genuinely made it feel like we were in the middle of something horrible and disastrous. It took us about 30-40 minutes to get through the haunt. We also walked quickly through parts, and very slow through others.

Nightmares Gate is not a typical LARGE budget haunt where you are going to see animatronics galore and big budget props.This haunt works hard to keep things unique. They rely a lot on their electrical work and accessories that they hand make. I would 100% without a doubt revisit this haunt. I would suggest others come check it out as well. Nightmares Gate is a movie-quality attraction, featuring unique set designs and passionate actors that do not disappoint! Happy Haunting FEAR Family!