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Haunters: The Art of The Scare is a tribute and display of love for the “haunt” industry brought to life by a talented director Jon Schnitzer. Haunters: The Art of The Scare is the result of passion and grit, spending years in development, and worth the long wait. Haunters first crossed our radar back in 2015, and much of the footage featured is from year’s past, but this serves as a foundation for what we hope is a new level of exposure to perhaps the most fascinating entertainment industry of them all.

hq720Haunters: Art of the Scare highlights the dedication of industry veterans, from those inclined to home-style haunting, to the those on the fringe of the industry, that thrives on controversy.

Haunts vast and small are featured in this movie, shining a light on aspects of the sector that has been somewhat shunned by mainstream media. A fascination with the “people” behind the scares, such as the compelling story of legendary scare actress’ Shar Mayer, and the infamous story of McKamey Manor, content provided in this one of a kind documentary. Despite the age of the material presented in this documentary,

11)+Russ+McKamey+haunter+of+McKamey+ManorHaunters: The Art of The Scare is an inspirational work of art, a monumental step forward in bringing this industry to the mainstream. For over an hour and a half you will be unable to turn away from the stories behind the scares, and hopefully, appreciate the creative geniuses that give rise to interactive terror infused entertainment.

120643Haunters: The Art of The Scare fuels thought-provoking questions focused on the rise of “immersive” horror theater and evolution of the haunt industry. Innovation in the haunt industry usually occurs as a groundswell movement that attracts a niche audience, which ignites interest in larger haunt companies who strive to find innovative ways to entertain their guests each season. Innovation in some regards is a slow process, as smaller, more targeted horror shows typically aim to provide guests with a memorable event that leaves an indelible mark on their psyche. While diversity in haunt design is commendable, it is important to note that certain attractions cater to particular crowds, from those haunt’s that aim to target the general populous, to those that focus on creating unique experiences that are unlike those encountered in the traditional sense.

The haunt industry is moving in a direction that is focusing on creating individual experiences in a manner that needs to be understood by those looking for their annual Halloween horror fix. Innovation and diversity in attraction design are not beholden to haunt philosophy as even the most traditional of attractions utilize modern technologies, enhanced emphasis on atmospheric design and quality scare acting to create interactive, immersive experiences.

maxresdefaultIt is imperative to begin to distinguish haunted attractions based on their core principles, their underlying goals designed to build horror-infused entertainment. Even large-scale mainstream haunted attractions start to embrace the philosophy of incorporating individualized adult experiences into their twisted plans. Attention to psychology and a sound understanding of human nature creates compelling scenarios targeted at inducing responses among guests.

Only displaying massive animatronic props, or special effect laden sets are no longer enough to cultivate an unforgettable experience. Haunters: The Art of The Scare provides insight into this design process and bluntly states that “change” and evolution of the industry is often met with resistance. Haunted attractions and immersive horror entertainment have the potential of offering experiences that transcend the entertainment world, breaking down the barrier between “reality” and “fiction,” focusing on the guest experience as the core design component. It is people, those creative geniuses that bring to life traditional and innovative attractions that are looking for an outlet to tell their stories, and Jon Schnitzer lays the foundation for future incarnations.

haunters-the-art-of-the-scare-trailerHaunters: The Art of The Scare is a must-see movie for any haunt and horror fan but also serves as the foundation for future exposes and critical industry analysis. Despite its incredible production quality, and compelling nature, the industry has grown exponentially over the past several years, and so many fascinating industry stories are waiting to be told. Perhaps now, the public is ready to see behind the scares, and become accustomed to an industry unlike any other. As expressed in this movie, there is no “formal” education in the haunt industry, and those who partake in this love for all things horror do so with a spirit of imagination and appreciation for art.

Haunters: The Art of The Scare is a major hallmark in haunted attraction industry history, a pure gift to those who live for the Halloween season and available October 3, 2017.

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