Location: Luzerne County Fair Grounds -Route 118 in Dallas Pa

Web Page: http://www.brokenhartsasylum.com


More often than not defunct haunted attractions become the source of legends, places that were once terrifying haunts are lost to history and rarely make a comeback. For years’ local radio stations in Northeast Pennsylvania played an iconic commercial featuring “Victor” a demented boy who was the resident maniac at the Brokenharts Asylum. This attraction was the premiere show for those looking to experience an intense, technically impressive and genuinely scary haunted attraction. Brokenharts Asylum paced the way in haunt innovation using twisted themes, detailed special effects, and technology to create an experience ahead of its time.  Brokenharts Asylum closed its doors after the 2012 haunt season and left a void in the local haunt industry. Almost without warning, two years ago the Brokenharts Asylum returned and put on a short but high-quality old-school haunted attraction. The return of the attraction built the foundation for its expansion last year and into this season, with additional scenes and expanded outdoor forest walk-through attraction. Brokenharts Asylum is once again located at the Luzerne County Fairgrounds, in Dallas, Pennsylvania.

12106797_959325880791663_7896552251873149908_nBrokenharts Asylum has expanded its show for the 2017 haunt season, focusing on creating a classical haunted attraction with a mature, dark edge. The attraction is open every weekend in October and is currently in the process of planning an even larger scale, interactive show for 2018 and beyond. Brokenharts Asylum respects haunts of the past, incorporating several vintage props and set designs obtained from the infamous Lehman Haunted Barn and the remnants of Dracula’s Forest defunct “Shockwalk Attraction.” In an era, which features countless haunts that purchase entire attractions from large vendors, the custom-built design and lack of “commercialization” is a refreshing take on haunted attraction design. We absolutely love visiting this classic, yet modern haunted attraction that is focused on continuous improvement. As the attraction continues to expand, future plans are impressive and we look forward to sharing this information with you over the off-season. This year expect an interactive show in which your choices dictate your fate and a new “Forest of Fear.” Brokenharts Asylum is a must visit this Halloween season, and a staple of the Northeastern Pennslyvania haunt scene!

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