2017 Previews

Bane Haunted House-2017 Preview

Location: 630 W Mt Pleasant Ave, Livingston, NJ 07039
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Bane Haunted House is best defined as a hybrid between a traditional “fun house” and a “haunted attraction.”  This high-impact assault on the senses has grown again in 2017, expanding its already lengthy journey that at times is borderline exhausting from both a physical and mental standpoint. Bane prides itself on its uniqueness and unabashed focus on “scaring” each guest. This is not an attraction that can be taken lightly, as you will have to complete a variety of physical challenges and psychological triggers that aim to strike at one’s inner phobias. This is a “high-energy” attraction in which the blinding pace is aimed at shocking guests into pure submission. Adult themes adorn each room of torment, including those that invoke satanic rituals. This is a gritty haunted attraction that conveys a sense of a grim reality which promotes evil. Almost ALL of the attraction is interactive and aggressive scare actor’s work tirelessly in putting each guest through pure (enjoyable) hell.

21125591_2040560925961406_6165327656161156330_o.jpgBane’s sinister design not only creates a funhouse-like atmosphere that challenges guess to “escape” the nightmares created but also uses its sinister structure to manage crowds. We have never visited a haunt that uses separation not only to create fear but to manage line backup within the attraction itself. The attraction is structurally designed to create anticipation and use interactive challenges in a meaningful manner to generate feelings of fear, and constant paranoia. You will not see colorful rooms, or fancy animatronics in this attraction, as the design is focused on creating a realistic, visceral experience. Bane Haunted House is truly a special attraction as it is unlike any other you will likely ever experience. Be advised that Bane does separate guests and some may not like this experience. Personally, we found the feeling of being isolated terrifying.


Bane Haunted House is psychologically exhausting, embraces physicality as a tool for generating fear and creates and uses a sensory assault to create a dark, yet fun haunted attraction experience. If you can complete this attraction (many quit) you will crawl, climb, face challenges alone and be aggressively forced to complete a variety of challenges. Bane’s design is unlike any other haunted attraction and is advised that they are unapologetic in their relentless efforts to terrorize each guest.