Welcome to a New Chapter


As we enter our fifth haunt season, it is important sometimes to sit back and reflect on the long journey from a simple Facebook blog, to a professional content creator featured on national media outlets such as Dread Central and most recently Blumhouse Digital. Countless hours devoted to this industry, have allowed us to collect so many stories (some almost unbelievable) that we one-day hope to tell.  Some may look at the industry as trivial, but we have witnessed firsthand the arduous work, passion, and drive of haunters to create memorable entertainment experiences. The haunt industry is filled with unique individuals, each waiting for their moment to be recognized We will always treat this industry with the utmost respect, and commit ourselves to providing you with honest, detailed information that goes beyond a fictitious, and assinine rating system.

Analysis of a haunt or horror show’s quality should always be analyzed within the context of a variety of factors, including the age of the show, stylistic approach, design, professionalism and overall entertainment factor. A simple walk-through sometimes gives a good picture of what to expect, but careful analysis and attention to detail are necessary to provide you, our readers the best assessment of which shows are worth your time and money. This season, we plan to continue providing in-depth coverage of a variety of haunts, focusing even more on the tiniest of details which help define each attraction.

While we implore you not to overthink and enjoy a variety of attractions, it is time to start perhaps shedding light on the world that exists “behind the haunt.” Sometimes the haunt industry can be downright vicious, with competing haunts focusing energies on sabotaging each other. Sometimes the industry can be filled with deceit, with owners and staff members promising shows or advertising events that fall far short of expectations. Sometimes the haunt industry fails to innovate unless pressured into a corner, and then industry powerhouses seem to find ways to “borrow” themes from smaller, niche horror shows. Iconic haunters, scare actors focused on their one moment of glory, and ostracized geniuses who have been victims of the “system” have all told us their stories, from their perspectives in an ever competitive, growing industry. We have witnessed “haunt wars,” have dealt with those are less than honest in business practices and those who simply just want to make a quick buck, but have found that overall some of the best people we have ever met love horror entertainment as much as we do. At the end of the day this is the entertainment “business,” not the entertainment “friendship game,” and haunts of all sizes try to find their niche in an ever-growing industry. Despite some minor hiccups, we have met some of the most passionate, talented and kind individuals who truly love creating lasting memories, and horror-infused art. We have had the privilege of building relationships with some of the industry’s premier haunt owners, and continue to rely on those contact as our mentors as we continue our journey into the heart of the haunt world.

2017 is the start of a new era; the name has been changed to reflect our broader focus on the haunt/horror industry. “Scranton Haunted Reviews” really did not fit the scope of our work but served as a solid foundation. We pay tribute to the Scranton area with the prefix “Electro” referencing our beloved “Electric City,” and we really do not only focus only on traditional haunt “reviews.” As mentioned previously, providing content for local and national outlets, rather than simply putting up quick reviews has allowed us to build close relationships within the industry.


Furthermore, our commitment to quality and professionalism has allowed the former “Scranton Haunted Reviews” to branch out into other forms of media, for example, allowing us to obtain press access to the band Ghost. We could have never existed or grown to this level with your support. Our content is likely going to continue a jaded, analytical vibe, as to be blunt, it’s time quality is separated from bullshit. We generally enjoy every haunted attraction and try to focus on the positives of each show, but in 2017 what one may consider being a harsher approach to analysis will be applied. The rise of Electroshock Horror Entertainment is a chance to promote the stories behind each haunt on a new level, and to use your support, as fuel as we travel the tri-state area and beyond. You deserve an honest, truthful and research-driven consider the haunts you want to visit, as brutal honesty should dictate where you spend your money.

We have spent countless hours on the road, and during the off-season to spend time learning the industry, visiting attractions, and building relationships with those that dedicate their lives to providing horror-infused entertainment. It is amazing to see the passion of haunt fans who now travel across the country to review and provide their thoughts and hope that these reviewers conduct their affairs professionally. We are proud to have made these partnerships with these major media outlets and have grown beyond the typical realm of blogs. As more so-called “haunt review” teams seem to appear and disappear out of nowhere, be careful of their motives, their knowledge and true expertise within the industry. Professionalism has allowed us to grow and work with legitimate media partners, and we will never promote a false rating system or be paid for “reviews”.

Not all of you will agree with our perceptions or our views, but be assured that every single review is created with hours of information, including behind the scenes analysis of the design decision-making process. What one may find “scary” may be different than the perception of others, and we always strive to cover each show on its quality. Haunted attractions can be funny, they can be terrifying, and they can trigger deep psychological and social fears that generate true emotion. It is those haunted attractions that focus on “quality” and aim to master their craft we appreciate the most. The “art” of haunting is one that is often overlooked, and we hope to shine the light on an industry unlike any other. We are excited for the 2017 season and look forward to creating, even more, content for you that focuses on dissecting the industry and providing you quality content.

Thank you again for your support!