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2016 Bane Haunted House Review


Location: 630 W Mt Pleasant Ave, Livingston, NJ 07039
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Bane Haunted House is best described as adult themed funhouse melding the tenants of mature haunted attractions with an interactive, physical show that focuses on assaulting one’s senses. Bane Haunted House is an exhausting, interactive experience, a one-of-a kind experience that embraces a philosophy of using psychology to induce inner fear. We have planned on visiting this attraction over the past few seasons and finally had the chance to experience what is best described as a show that places the guest at the center of the haunt experience. Some haunt fans dislike being separated, some dislike physical or psychological horror, and if you fall into this category, then Bane may not be the haunt for you.

Bane’s sinister design not only creates a funhouse-like atmosphere that challenges guess to “escape” the nightmares created but also uses its sinister structure to manage crowds. We have never visited a haunt that uses separation to not only create fear but to manage line back-up within the attraction itself. The attraction is structurally designed to create anticipation and use interactive challenges in a meaningful manner to generate feelings of fear, and constant paranoia. You will not see colorful rooms, or fancy animatronics in this attraction, as the design is focused on creating a realistic, visceral experience. Set designs feature unique pathways through the haunt’s maze, creates a sense of helplessness and uses isolation to build from scene to scene. This attraction is mature, it builds fear, yet maintains an atmosphere of “fun”. Bane Haunted House is truly a special attraction as it is unlike any other you will likely ever experience. The entire experience is psychologically exhausting, embraces physicality as a tool for generating fear and creates and uses a sensory assault to create a dark, yet fun haunted attraction experience.


Bane Haunted House is an extensive journey, a psychological and physically challenging experience that preys on the inner-most the fears of each guest. Structurally the design of the attraction itself is unlike any other haunt we have visited, as each scene is completely interactive, forcing guests to complete a variety of challenges that leave many begging for escape. Scare actors are trained to separate guests, send them down different paths and place them in challenging situations that are tailored to target one’s innermost fears. As we began our journey, we noticed a large group of guests and instantly expected the worst, the all too familiar “conga” line. However, we soon found out that the structural design and pacing of the haunt quickly left us completely isolated in a house of torture., Multiple pathways, traps and escape scenes built into the attraction are used to separate even the largest groups. Despite a large crowd, we never encountered another group as we progressed through the attraction, as pacing strategies and the interactive set designs

Bane Haunted House is an overwhelming, sensory, aggressive experience from start to finish. The physicality of the scare actors adds to the constant feelings of paranoia created by each scene as we were manhandled throughout the attraction. This is a serious, mature attraction, that forgoes any humor, or family friendly entertainment aspects focusing on building a chaotic, insane environment.

Bane Haunted House is one of the most interactive haunted attractions ever visited, focusing on creating uniquely personal experiences for each guest. If you can complete this attraction (many quit) you will crawl, climb, face challenges alone and be aggressively forced to complete a variety of diverse physical challenges. The sick design and demented actors of Bane forced us to slide down a “crypt”, spun us in the coffin, we had to slide through, crawled through a morgue, and pushed through an “incinerator”. These interactive scenes, among others, are not just silly gimmicks, they are integral components of an attraction designed to disturb.

Mature themes are a key component of the attraction building to an eventual climax that is psychologically damaging. After a trip through a foggy swamp scene/cemetery, we were forced to attend an unsettling Satanic mass scene, then escape through a tight space leading into a blinding hall of light. We never knew which way to turn, were separated, thrown into walls and purposely tormented by each scare actor whose goal was to create constant paranoia. Besides the physicality of each interactive set, sensory scares are built into each scene. Blinding lights and periods of darkness coupled with tight spaces spur claustrophobic feelings. Disabling sounds and an emphasis on isolation made us quickly understand that we were at the mercy of the aggressive scare actors who used the structural design as a tool to build constant pressure and cultivate fear.

Final Word

Bane Haunted House is an interactive funhouse of evil a truly unique take on haunted attraction. Bane Haunted House is a unique experience that may not cater to the more general haunt fan or those who are looking to experience an attraction in large groups. Despite the aggressive nature of the attraction, we found the interactive elements to create an odd sense of “fun. This is a special haunted attraction for those looking for a custom-built attraction unlike any other, focusing on personal experiences as the central focus of fear. Bane Haunted House is a must-visit haunted attraction for those looking to experience a diverse, unique take on the presentation on the genre.