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2016 Field of Screams Review

Location: 191 College Avenue, Mountville, PA 17554
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Field of Screams, located in Mountville PA is a major mainstream haunted attraction, a “scare-park” featuring an expansive midway, games, food, photo opportunities and four unique haunted attractions. In many aspects Field of Screams feels extremely familiar to last year’s show, with some notable enhancements and improvements to each of the four attractions. This year Field of Screams has focused resources on what can be best described as “perfecting” each attraction, in newer details to each scene, enhanced special effects, and in some aspects elements of “extreme” haunts such as minor touching, and grabbing of guests. Field of Screams is one of the most impressively designed, detailed haunted attractions in the industry.

While not much has changed overall regarding the design of each of the four attractions, alterations and improvements have been perfected to create an unforgettable haunted attraction. Talented scare actors, perform their roles perfectly upon the backdrop of some of the most impressive scenes featured in each attraction. Each attraction transforms the atmospheric experience, placing guests in an interactive horror show of diverse nature. From a walk through a desolate nuclear fallout zone in the “Nocturnal Wasteland”, through a trip to the “Frightmare Asylum”, Field of Screams features scares the cater to haunt fans of all backgrounds and interests.

Field of Screams is a must visit haunted attraction this year, as they continue to enhance their movie-quality set designs, featuring life-like animatronics, disturbing imagery and advanced pyrotechnics to create a memorable haunted attraction experience. It is important to note we attended on a Sunday evening, with minimal wait time and lower attendance. This allowed us to go through each attraction in smaller groups, which adds to the attractions experience. As the season progresses expect larger lines, and we strongly suggest you upgrade to a VIP pass to experience each attraction during the same night.


Field of Screams regular price of $34.00, with $10.00 per attraction VIP upgrades. Field.  Each attraction features distinct themes which are tied in with the scare actor’s performances. Field of Screams is one of the few attractions visited which features such life-like details, that the set designs themselves are effectively scary with or without the presence of their talented scare actors. The level of detail, thought and creativity placed into each attraction is impressive as guests are completely immersed in each attraction. Effective use of lighting, special effects, smells and sounds attack the senses and diverts attention from a variety of unexpected surprises. While in between attractions guests can sample the midway, which features carnival games, souvenir stands, food, photo booths and insane scare actors roam the grounds.  The carnival-like atmosphere adds additional value to the attraction and allows for guests to spend an entire evening at Field of Screams.

Den of Darkness


The first attraction visited, “Den of Darkness”, is a walk-through haunted house attraction which starts off with a creepy, somewhat humorous séance scene with a fantastic character actor and impressive “head” in a seers-globe. The opening theatrical scene sets a dark yet oddly humorous tone for the attraction, creating intrigue and effectively allowing the staff to manage lines within the attraction. “Den of Darkness” effectively utilizes tight spaces, dark areas, and creepy set designs to create a sense of cautious exploration which builds tension. Not much has changed over the past two seasons but the little tweaks added to this attraction make it one of the most physically challenging attractions a Field of Screams.  Each room of the attraction is distinctly themed, features a variety of diverse scares all submerged in a level of darkness which prevents guests from knowing what is next. Some of the more familiar set pieces have received upgrades this year, while other sets were unchanged from the previous season.

Some of the more impressive scenes guests will encounter at this attraction include a 1920’s style celebratory scene, a creepy mannequin room, an outdoor/indoor laboratory featuring impressive special effects, and disturbing creepy doll room featuring grotesque smells and creepy life-like “dolls” who are clearly twisted. “Den of Darkness” is the most sensory based attraction at Field of Screams. “Den of Darkness” features periods of complete darkness, augmented by lighting effects such as slow strobe lights. Furthermore, the attraction forces guests to complete various physical challenges such as crawling over “dead” bodies in tight crawlspaces and navigating hallways of bodies protruding from a morgue. These challenges are augmented by talented scare actors but we found many rooms to be lacking in this area. We did feel as though there were fewer actors than the other haunted attractions at Field of Screams which somewhat hurt the overall fear level. At times we were expecting actors to appear in a scene, only to see an animatronic. Despite this minor issue, the overall design and thematic structure of the attraction still make “Den of Darkness” one of the overall best walk-through attractions you can visit this season. From psychotic clown rooms to an incredible chainsaw-yielding climax, “Den of Darkness” is a memorable haunted attraction.

Frightmare Asylum


“Frightmare Asylum” was the second indoor walkthrough haunted attraction visited at Field of Screams. This season we found “Frightmare Asylum” to be the scariest attraction at Field of Screams. We were lucky to venture into this attraction without any guests which enhanced the attractions quality as we felt completely isolated amongst the various freaks, demented doctors and disturbingly life-like, horrific imagery displayed in each room of the asylum. “Frightmare Asylum” utilizes multiple floors, tight spaces and an all-out onslaught of disturbed scare actors to create effective scares, and memorable scenes which are filled with copious amounts of blood and gore. Twisted patients are subjected to various horrific medical experiments and a sheer sense of insanity permeates throughout the attraction. The insanity of the various patients, doctors and mutated inhabitants of the asylum is impressive, and the actors are allowed to truly shine in this attraction. “Frightmare Asylum” incorporates a creative climax, in which guests must face off with a demented dentist with an unsuspecting twist.  We rarely encounter attractions that build effective “endings” which has been mastered at Field of Screams.

Nocturnal Wasteland


“Nocturnal Wasteland” is an outdoor, nuclear fallout reaction which totally transforms the environment of Field of Screams in one of the most intensely detailed realistic and interactive attractions ever visited. The post-fallout scenery, a sense of abandonment, pyrotechnics, and electrical displays impress as we moved along the challenging trail. We passed through a camp of hillbillies, who wanted to share with us their “oil”, encountered several mutant monstrosities, abandoned vehicles and were taunted as we passed through a wrecked school bus.  The large-scale pyrotechnic, electrical displays are impressive, to say the least and we have never witnessed a use of electricity on such a large scale in a haunted attraction. Various animatronic props, authentic sounds, and interactive trail sets make for an experience that is non-stop action. Unstable walkways, and rickety bridges are found along the trail and the level of detail put into this attractions construction is second to none. As we escaped through a “sewer” system, we were once again left impressed by the structure of this attraction as “Nocturnal Wasteland” is one of, if not the very best outdoor/trail based attractions in the industry, which leaves little downtime as many outdoor trails usually have periods in which guests walk through dense foliage without any action. “Nocturnal Wasteland” is non-stop action, intense and places an emphasis on bringing to life the horrors of a post-nuclear fallout.

Haunted Hayride

haunted-hayrideThe “Haunted Hayride” at Field of Screams continues to be our favorite of the four attractions as it features several major set pieces, such as a gruesome slaughter-pig scene, insane clown scene, hauntingly beautiful cemetery, snake infested “greenhouse” a spectacular/psychedelic wasteland scene and classic execution scene among others.  Each set design is massive, features movie-quality special effects and interactive elements that are unlike any other. Actors are aggressive, pig faced maniacs stalk after guests, twisted clowns battle with each other on the wagon, and are relentless in their efforts to scare each guest passing through the large scale scenes. The large-scale set designs and animatronics found throughout the hayride are some of the most impressive in the industry as we enjoyed our trip through an evil carnival, and finally, visit the infamous tunnel of terror. The soundtrack utilized along the journey effectively adds to the atmosphere of the hayride, constantly setting up each scene and building a sense of anticipation. The “Haunted Hayride” again features a newer large “vortex” tunnel, which leads into the climax that still falls flat. Furthermore, in between sets it would be a nice surprise to add in some additional actors or mini-scares to add to the action. However, despite these minor critiques, this is still one of the best-haunted hayride attractions

 Final Word


Final Word

Field of Screams continues to improve each year, building upon previous years’ successes by enhancing all of the four haunted attractions. Each attraction is almost flawless in its design, and we suggest you visit early to experience this level of almost haunt perfection in a personal manner. Each attraction is constructed to cater to haunt fans of diverse backgrounds and features props, sets, and animatronics of the highest quality. Furthermore, the special effects including the insane use of electricity and fire create an atmosphere unlike any other.

We are also happy to report that Field of Screams will be hosting another “Extreme Blackout” event this year. “Extreme Blackout” is one of the most terrifying, mature, mentally exhausting and physically challenging haunted attractions ever visited by our review team. We cannot wait to attend this event again this year and suggest those looking for an extreme/mature experience do so as well. We were shocked how much the attraction is changed to accommodate “extreme” elements, from being abducted, to being forced at “gunpoint” to drink various liquids, “Extreme Blackout” is not for teens, families or those who enjoy a tamer haunted attraction experience.

In order to enjoy all of the attractions we suggest you visit early in the season or purchase VIP upgrades. This is one of the most popular haunted attractions, and they do not rest to continuously grow and improve.  Field of Screams offers attractions that meet the interests of diverse haunted attraction fans.

Pros– Incredible, dark set design and props found throughout all four haunted attractions. “Nocturnal Wasteland” continues to impress utilizing environmental designs that transform the area into a life-like fallout zone. One of the best haunted hayrides and indoor walk-through houses you can visit. Talented scare actors who work tirelessly to interact with as many guests as possible. “Frightmare Asylum” continues to be a gory, realistic experience in an “abandoned” asylum

Cons– Attractions felt familiar, similar to previous years. “Den of Darkness” featured fewer character actors than other attractions