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Dystopia: Survival Horror Escape House Preview

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Over the past three years I have traveled throughout the tristate area visiting haunts of differing styles, sizes and themes in an all-out effort to cover each attraction in a fair and detailed manner. Throughout this journey, I have witnessed firsthand the passion of haunt owners, scare actors and staff members in their efforts to generate diverse haunted attraction entertainment. While passion drives success, it is essential that each haunt continuously strives to please its core audience while finding new avenues to attract haunt fans of all backgrounds and persuasions.  Many attractions are starting to understand that adult thrill seekers want a more personal, immersive haunted attraction experience. Adrenaline junkies and those who seek out “extreme” attractions thrive on being pushed to their physical and psychological limits. Mainstream and smaller attractions are starting to incorporate adult elements into traditional environments, along with attractions who are fully designed to create a personal horror experience.

In the tristate area, the haunt industry appears to be growing by leaps and bounds, incorporating new concepts such as “Escape Games/ Rooms” and more recently attractions which can be best described as immersive “horror” experiences. One of the newest immersive “horror” experiences is the brain child of a group of haunters committed to creating a true “horror-movie-come-to-life” experience. Countless mainstream and minor attractions advertise their haunts as comparable to horror movies but many fall short due to the lack of true immersion implemented in their design. This June, The Haunted Scarehouse, in Wharton, New Jersey, will serve as the host for a new immersive horror experience, Dystopia: Survival Horror Escape House. The talented and aggressive creative team behind Dystopia are promising that this event will be an unforgettable evening of physically demanding and psychologically terrifying horror. In this article, we will provide some behind the scenes news regarding this attractions development and discuss some of the recent controversies surrounding its creation.

What is “Dystopia: Survival Horror Escape House”?

Dystopia: Survival Horror Escape House is a collaborative project between Fringe Horror Theater, AtmosFear Scare Entertainment and Russ McKamey. The event will be held at the Haunted Scarehouse, Wharton, New Jersey on Saturday June 18, 2016. Dystopia is not a traditional “haunted house”. Traditional haunted attractions cater to a wide array of haunt fans, of diverse maturity levels and interests within the horror/Halloween genre.  Dystopia is an immersive horror-movie simulation in which adult guests must be prepared both mentally and physically to survive this one-of-a -kind immersive horror event. The creative minds behind Dystopia have created an experience in which guests will take part in a mock-game show in which survival is the ultimate goal of the winner. Upon a futuristic backdrop, the world’s government has decided that this game show will be used to control populations for the “greater good”. This fictional game show, will pit friend against friend, lover vs. lover in a fight for survival. Dystopia will feature elements of “extreme” haunts, which are psychologically and physically exhausting. The underlying creative goal of Dystopia is to create actual fear, building a sense of constant dread, putting guests through cinematic, theatrical scenes which will test their survival horror skills. Actors will directly interact with guests, and use simulated “torture” techniques to drive them to their mental and physical limits.

Dystopia: Survival Horror Escape House’s partnership with AtmosFear Scare Entertainment has launched this event as a “Trans-Atlantic Horror Experience”. AtmosFear Scare Entertainment, will be running a companion event in the United Kingdom known as the Snuffhouse, which will also be hosted by Russ McKamey. The creators of Dystopia have a long term goal of building upon this relationship with AtmosFear Scare Entertainment to create a shared horror universe and mythology within the context of mature, adult themed horror simulators.

Dystopia Survival Horror Escape House Promotional Information

Dystopia: Survival Horror Escape House, comes to The Haunted Scarehouse in Wharton, New Jersey for a one night only event. All participants must present valid ID, wear second hand clothing, read and sign a waiver for this “in your face” horror experience.  From the minds behind McKamey Manor and Fringe Horror Theatre, Dystopia is the event your friends WILL be talking about doing and will probably regret later, but as Mr. McKamey says to all guests who enter the manor “You really don’t want to do this”. You have been warned.

Tickets are on sale now at https://app.hauntpay.com/events/dystopia!  for only $25 dollars a person, groups of two will be admitted at a time. For more information or press inquiries contact Will at Fringe Horror Theatre at 1-516-666-7137. The Haunted Scarehouse is located on 105 West Dewey Avenue Building A, Wharton, NJ 07885