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Night of Terror 2015 Review

Location: 448 Lincoln Mill Road, Mullica Hill NJ 08062

Webpage: http://www.nightofterror.com



Night of Terror, located outside of Philadelphia PA in Mullica Hill NJ, is a major mainstream haunted attraction that features one of the most visually impressive haunted hayrides of the 2015 season. Night of Terror boasts six haunted attractions including one of the best haunted hayrides in the tristate area.  Night of Terror is a worthwhile trip from Northeast Pennsylvania as each attraction is unique, and lengthy. The attraction can be classified as a mainstream event, featuring attractions which cater to diverse audiences. The attraction is also popular, and we purchased VIP passes to avoid long wait times, but still encountered a few line back-up issues which will be further discussed.

Night of Terror features one of the best haunted hayrides of the 2015 haunt season, the “Ride of Terror” along with five additional walk-through attractions. Night of Terror features unique/creative set designs and interactive experiences. From a “bubble/foam filled” room to a journey through a den of flesh eating cannibals, the design caters to haunt fans of diverse backgrounds and interests.

Overall, Night of Terror was one of the very best haunted attractions of the 2015 season but we did have some minor issues along our journey. The attractions quality, and impressive set design made it stand out among the pack of other mainstream haunted attractions.  Each attraction quickly ran into another, with little downtime or storyline between each scene. The quality of scare actor costume and make-up designs was not always up to par with the quality of the attraction’s design and this did hurt the experience in some instances. The quality of acting varied depending on the attraction; for example, the scare actors in the “Head Hunters” attraction, and insane clowns featured in the haunted hayride did a wonderful job at engaging each guest. However, there was a few instances in which a scare actor would go for the familiar jump or startle scare. Line management was also problematic in the first walk-through attractions, which we will explain further in this review. We understand the attraction is extremely popular, yet it is an issue when some attractions on the property have their lines correctly timed while others did not do so. Despite these issues, the level of detail and impressive technologically advanced set designs make this a visual spectacle, and an entertaining haunted attraction experience.


Night of Terror features six haunted attractions; “Ride of Terror”, “Zombie Mayhem”, “Cornfield Maze”, “Head Hunters”, “Dark Dreams”, and “Slaughter Cave”.

Ride of Terror


“Ride of Terror”, the haunted hayride at Night of Terror is one of the most impressive haunted hayrides of the 2015 season. The hayride boasts massive, technologically impressive set designs and an endless array of life-like animatronics, some which reach out into the wagon. “Ride of Terror” is a lengthy trail featuring diverse environments taking guests through such scenes as an insane dark carnival, hauntingly beautiful cemetery, pirate scene, toxic waste dump, Jurassic Park-like “Lost World”, and a rather demonic dark church. The large-scale, animatronics of the attraction are a visual spectacle, and it is evident that a great deal of creativity, time and money has gone into development of this incredible haunted hayride.

While on the “Ride of Terror” the Hollywood quality special effects and animatronics brought each unique scene to life. Gigantic dinosaurs, threatening dragons, an ominous “Grim Reaper”, greeted us along the trip. The interactive animatronic creatures must be seen to believe as no hayride this year has displayed this level of technological detail in its design. “Ride of Terror” also features several unique elements to its design which make it stand out among other haunted hayrides. Several of the scenes feature interactive sets, such as a carnival scene in which insane clowns walk “above” the actual wagon, and in one scene “foam” is used to fall on guests. These unique aspects coupled with immersive set designs and fantastic animatronics make this an almost perfect haunted hayride. “Ride of Terror” could enhance its quality by possibly adding additional scare actors along its trail. Many of the scare actors would simply jump onto the wagon and try to use their presence to generate scares.

Zombie Mayhem


“Zombie Mayhem” was the first haunted walk-through attraction featured after the hayride, and the weakest of the six attractions at Night of Terror. Line management was almost non-existent, as guests almost immediately entered the attraction after exiting the hayride’s wagon. The quick nature and rapid pace of the attraction prevented us from seeing several scenes as actors were out of place due to the long lines passing through each room. A longer que line after the hayride, with smaller groups would help prevent the large number of guests entering at once.

Cornfield Maze


“Cornfield Maze”, was the second haunted walk-through, and unlike other advertised so-called haunted corn mazes, this is an actual corn maze. “Cornfield Maze” featured various dead-ends, wrap-around paths and actors hidden within the cornstalks. While this attraction may be an effective haunted maze, it was ruined by the number of guests let into the maze at once. Several guests pulled out cell phones to use as flashlights, were running into each other and ended up creating a large line which easily allowed everyone to complete the maze. Character actors were also frequently out of place due to no fault of their own because of the number of people let into the maze. Timed line management would minimize this issue and prevent guests from running into each other, or spoiling the maze’s design.

Head Hunters


“Head Hunters”, is a unique walk-through attraction of the 2015 haunt season as it uses a dark, mature “tribal” or “cannibalistic” theme in its design.  “Head Hunters” features a loose storyline in which the creepy, and intense cannibal scare actors and tribal lords have captured helpless victims. The level of detail of the temple, and outdoor scenes of “Head Hunters” is incredible, making guests feel as though they have entered a whole new jungle-like environment. “Head Hunters” features the best scare actors at Night of Terror, the costume and make-up design of each scare actor complements the creative artistic design of this unique walk-through attraction. The bellowing sounds of hopeless victims, tribal music, and atmospheric lighting made us wish this attraction was longer. “Head Hunters” also used effective line management strategies which could be applied to “Zombie Mayhem and “Cornfield Maze”. Groups were let into the attraction separated by time intervals, and scare actors did a great job at using acting to slow down each group; Effective pacing allowed for us to experience this creative attraction which uses a tribal theme in an authentic manner.

Dark Dreams


“Dark Dreams” is classical, indoor haunted house attraction which features some of the creepiest set designs and interactive corridors to generate claustrophobic fear. Two creepy and dark scare actors greeted and taunted us about our “fear” of the dark as we entered into this classical haunted house attraction. “Dark Dreams” featured several hallways/rooms with actors who seemed to just come up to us and stare and other areas which we felt could have had a few more scare actors to enhance the experience. Despite this minor issue, the quality set design and effective use of darkness made this an enjoyable experience. “Dark Dreams” like “Head Hunters” utilized effective line management to ensure guests entered in small groups with limited wait time. We only ran into another group once during the attraction which allowed us to see each scene and experience this attraction that is aimed at more mature haunt fans.

Slaughter Cave


“Slaughter Cave” is a dark, aggressive walk-through which was the scariest attraction at Night of Terror. The dark catacombs, aggressive scare actors, violent butchers, blinding lighting effects and a disturbing sound track which made the attraction a fantastic finale to Night of Terror.

The Final Word

Night of Terror is an impressive mainstream haunted attraction which caters to haunted attraction fans of all interests and backgrounds. The immersive set designs and expansive (and likely expensive) interactive animatronics bring each scene to life and make this a must visit attraction. Night of Terror can be one of, if not the very best mainstream attraction in the tristate area if it continues to add scare actors, and emulate the line management and pacing strategies of “Head Hunters”, “Dark Dreams”, and “Slaughter Cave”, to allow guests to experience “Zombie Mayhem” and “Cornfield Maze” in their entirety.


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