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Hotel of Horror 2015 Review

Location: 1 Cherry Valley Rd., Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania

Webpage: http://www.hotelofhorror.com/



Hotel of Horror/Altered Nightmares Haunted attraction, located in Saylorsburg, PA is best described as a horror movie come to life. The mature setting, thematic designs and setting make it one of the scariest, and “real” haunted attractions you can visit this year. Each room features disturbing imagery, unsettling mature themes, and insane actors who taunt guests and use scare tactics that intimidate guests in this fantastic haunted attraction. The Hotel of Horror/Altered Nightmares is located in the famous “Lakehouse Hotel”, an abandoned hotel that is reportedly truly “haunted”, brings an unnerving “reality” to this haunted attraction experience.  Last year we felt that this attraction had a few missteps regarding theming and did not meet our expectations from earlier years regarding the level of intensity of prior seasons. We are happy to report that the Hotel of Horror/Altered Nightmares has returned to its prior level of mature, adult themed haunt excellence utilizing some of the most detailed room designs, incredible soundtrack and character actors who go above and beyond in their efforts to scare each guest. An emphasis on small groups, forces guests to transverse through the disturbing hallways of the infamous “Lakehouse Hotel”.

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Hotel of Horror/Altered Nightmares is two haunted attractions set within the confines of the “Lakehouse Hotel”. Each attraction is separate from another, guests can choose to go through the Hotel of Horror or Altered Nightmares as well as engage in two new added experiences “Ipas” and the “Coffin Coach”. Both of these new experiences are solid diversions which reduce the monotony of waiting in que lines. This year the Hotel of Horror was our favorite of the two attractions housed within the Lakehouse Hotel. The attraction is intense; screams of horror, darkness, blinding strobe lights and insane character actors boast impressive costume and makeup designs that you will see in any haunted attraction this year. Their dedication to creating an unsettling, disturbing atmosphere is felt throughout every corridor, and room of the Hotel of Horror.

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Hotel of Horror

The “Hotel of Horror” was the first haunted attraction we visited at the Lakehouse Hotel. This year, the “Hotel of Horror” features a new theme “Spirit Sacrifice”. The Hotel of Horror features genuinely disturbing cast members who block guests, come uncomfortably close and use intense, theatrical scare tactics to generate fear. The Hotel of Horror features mature themes and set designs, from disturbing images of “missing persons, gory bathrooms, morgue, rooms with hanging bodies to an intense Satanic Black Mass scene, the attraction is designed to disturb. The attraction adds levels of interactivity which one many not expect in the hotel’s initial set-up. Guests will have to navigate disorientating fog, slow strobe lights, areas of pitch black, and possibly crawl to escape the actors who do not let up. The design of the attraction is phenomenal, and it builds an uneasy feeling as guests move from floor to floor and room to room. The soundtrack used by the “Hotel of Horror” features loud screams and blood curling shrieks which prevent guests from knowing what exactly is coming next. While the design of the attraction and attention to detail is incredible, we would like to see a few more actors within the attraction. Some of the rooms, which encourage guests to explore, could feature a few more surprises, and additional actors would add to the experience. The actors that are found throughout the attraction are intense, their level of dedication and outright aggression adds to the tension created by the artistically impressive design of this attraction. The “Hotel of Horror” is an exhausting haunted attraction experience, which caters to the mature haunted attraction fan.


Altered Nightmares

“Altered Nightmares”, the second haunted attraction visited at the Lakehouse Hotel, also features a new theme this year “Puppet Pandemonium”. Of the two attractions, “Altered Nightmares”, while extremely creative and detailed in its design did not feel as “scary” or as refined as the Hotel of Horror. The attraction started off with an entertaining visit with the “puppet master”, who did a great job at setting the tone for what we expected to be a new attraction. What we found throughout this attraction was several scenes and themes which felt familiar from previous years, such as a Voodoo Room, bizarre doll room, and we found the attraction to be slightly shorter in length than the Hotel of Horror. While many of the scenes felt familiar, they are still well executed. From the insane actor who thrashed chains, hung from the ceiling to scare, to a trip to a disturbing evil carnival found in the basement, “Altered Nightmares” still has set designs which again cater to the more mature haunt fan. The actors in “Altered Nightmares” are also top-notch in playing their roles within this attraction. Actors taunt, use guest responses to generate scares and entertain. From off-color jokes, to threats that are rather disturbing, the actors shine once again in the “Altered Nightmares” attraction.

The Final Word

Hotel of Horror/Altered Nightmares Haunted attraction is a mature, adult themed experience that utilizes fantastic haunt design, and talented character actors to make this a yearly must-visit attraction. The attraction does have long lines due to its continued popularity and emphasis on sending in guests in small groups. The wait is worth it as each group may have a unique experience as they make their way through the already terrifying Lakehouse Hotel. This is an attraction that is not for those who are easily offended and embraces disturbing themes that challenge the norms found in typical haunted attractions. The talented actors and staff of this attraction are committed to creating an intense haunted attraction and use the imposing Lakehouse Hotel as the perfect backdrop from a memorable experience.


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