Haunted Attraction Reviews

Horror Hall 2015 Review

Location: 11 East Poplar St. West Nanticoke, PA, 18634
Webpage: http://www.horrorhall.com



Horror Hall is a yearly visit which benefits the Plymouth Township Fire and Rescue Company, which although has not changed much over the past year still boasts some of the most detailed, impressive scenes, and creepy set pieces that you will see in most major haunted attractions. Horror Hall does a great job of using set designs, and its maze to disorientate and scare guests. Horror Hall has added a few new scenes this year, but by and large has not changed much for the 2015 season. For those who visit yearly, they may know the attraction by heart, which while does not hinder its quality, indicate updates are likely needed. While the attraction can use a larger scale update the set pieces, and scenes are still some of the best. From a theatrical “séance scene”, the always favorite hall of “horror” villains, the zombie infested “Movie Theater” to a new “graveyard” scene, the level of detail at Horror Hall is impressive. If the attraction can update its design, and add more actors throughout its tight corridors it can add scares to more mature haunt fans. Horror Hall will continue to be a yearly visit, as we hope they decide to make some changes and revisions to its familiar foundation.


Horror Hall can get very crowded, as the attraction is popular and established in Northeast PA. Wait times are not too bad as there is entertainment provided prior to entering the attraction. Various movie clips, and Michael Jackson’s Thriller video are shown in the waiting area as guests prepare to enter the attraction as in previous years.

Horror Hall is designed in maze-like manner, in which scenes are separated by dark corridors which are filled with actors who engage in various startle/drop scares. Each corridor is dark, utilizes lighting effects and fog to distract guests. Auditory and visual distractions allow actors to generate “jump” scares, and a few more monsters would make the experience even more fulfilling. The set designs found at Horror Hall are classic, and while changes would re-invigorate the haunt we love several of the classic scenes, such as the “movie theater”, hall of monsters, prison laser light room and swamp scene. The diversity of sets, and impressive props provide the perfect backdrop for actors to hide within the darkness. The construction and design of the attraction can be used by the actors to become more aggressive with guests several of those who we witnessed simply laughed as they walked from scene to scene. Furthermore, many haunts are beginning to incorporate interactive scenes, and Horror Hall was one of the first to do so, with collapsing rooms and the room of “saws”.

As mentioned last year, actors who yell, make loud noises and pop out of nowhere are only scary if they are complimented with actors who tell a story.  The actors are very aggressive in some scenes, and somewhat held back in others which differed from last year.  Startle or jump scare loose effectiveness if they are not complimented with more direct or interactive acting.  The attraction can also use a stronger ending, after an impressive “séance” scene featuring a flying actor, and new graveyard scene the attraction ends on a flat note. Some small changes and development of new sets/designs can make this attraction not only one of the best in NEPA but a must visit for the tristate area.

Final Word

Horror Hall is an enjoyable, and at times scary haunted attraction experience which feature several unique scenes that you will not see in any other haunted attraction. The attraction’s design has held up over the past several years, but it can use some changes/upgrades to freshen the experience. Furthermore, more interactive actors, combined with those who rely solely on “jump” scares can add to the overall experience.  Horror Hall’s use of dense fog, incredible soundtrack, and blinding lights effectively disorientate guests as they make their way through a detailed, lengthy maze. The unique set designs, and special effects are impressive, especially for a volunteer/charity based attraction and again some minor tweaks and changes can make this a must visit attraction. Hopefully Horror Hall will augment and enhance the attraction for the 2016 haunt season.


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