Haunted Attraction Reviews

Fear Hollow 2015 Review

Location: 1600 Church Road Mountain Top, PA 18707

Web Page: http://www.fearhollow.com



Fear Hollow is one of the most unique, and scariest haunted attractions that we have visited so far for the 2015 haunt season. This haunted attraction, boasts shockingly unique special effects, elements from classical haunted attractions and interactive scenes which place guests in the lonely grasp of scare actors who at times are absolutely insane. The attraction’s design feels like a classic, amusement park haunted attraction, with gritty realism and environments that provide unique experiences for each guest. The scare actors found throughout the extensive two attractions which are found at Fear Hollow utilize diverse scare techniques, from jump scares, misdirection strategies to more theatrical scenes which made us feel extremely disturbed at certain points.  After visiting a multitude of different haunted attractions over the past three years, it is difficult to generate scares, yet Fear Hollow finds ways to do so. The attraction uses creativity and its atmosphere to break down this wall, the custom built aspect of this attraction means that you will see set pieces that are not found at any other haunted attraction.

We are still spinning from a disturbing carnival “suicide” scene, our visit with a demented doctor in a psychiatric ward, visit with a cannibalistic family, incidences of being stalked by Michael Myers, an insane chainsaw yielding clown who chased us through an outdoor dark maze and found a way to use chainsaws to cultivate real fear. Fear Hollow continues to improve its attraction every year, adding new set pieces and custom designs to its two attractions “Mayhem on the Mountain” and the “Deadwoods Haunted Trail”. Their passion for creating a unique haunted attraction experience that incorporates classic movie monsters, mature themes and a funhouse-like atmosphere makes this one of our favorite attractions this year. We cannot wait to see what this attraction has planned for the future and hope you support their efforts. Visit Fear Hollow this year and experience a one of a kind show that is modern twist on classical haunted attractions.



Mayhem on the Mountain

Fear Hollow begins with “Mayhem on the Mountain” a mostly indoor haunted attraction that is best described as an interactive funhouse, featuring custom built scenes, mini-mazes and interactive scare actors who utilize a sense of being “alone” to augment fear. The attraction starts off with an engaging experience with an evil doctor Satan who is committed to “resurrecting” his long dead wife. After this disturbing and theatrical visit, we moved through the attraction at a cautious pace, as jump scares, gruesome custom scenes and scare actors popped out of the most unexpected areas. “Mayhem on the Mountain” features one of the most visually disturbing, creepy scenes we have witnessed in a haunted attraction this year involving the rather slow, and unnerving death of a clown. The special effects utilized during this scene bring the shocking image to life, and Fear Hollow does a fantastic job of making guests view each scene in its entirety. “Mayhem on the Mountain” also features mini-mazes which disorientate guests and force them to escape insane actors such as an aggressive chainsaw yielding clown who is best described as relentless. The attraction is lengthy, is creatively designed and entertaining throughout.  Some minor issues we ran into were an overuse of screaming scare actors in certain scenes whom simply yelled “get out” over and over. While this type of yelling may be scary to some, these actors would be best served to adapt to the particular guest to either reduce the level of screaming if not effective, or find other means to interact with guests. This only occurred during one of the mini-mazes and is a minor issue that can be easily addressed.


 Deadwoods Haunted Trail

“Deadwoods Haunted Trail” continues to expand and add new custom built set pieces which force guests to interact with creative and talented scare actors. The actors in this attraction respond differently to guests depending on each situation, they constantly stay in character and use theatrics to make the trail an unforgettable experience. When we first entered into the trail, we expected the general outdoor haunted maze scenes, from graveyards to evil pumpkins, traditional elements are found throughout the “Deadwoods Haunted Trail”. What is unexpected however, is the number of structures/buildings found throughout the trail. We had to enter the house of an insane cannibalistic family, walked down a creepy “mine shaft”, crawled through a tent into the face of Michael Myers, were stalked constantly by creepy scare actors, and had a thoroughly disturbing visit at an insane asylum. The character actors of the “Deadwoods Haunted Trail” are fantastic and interactive in their approach to entertain guests. The psychotic doctor who played “this little piggy” with us, then proceeded to violate their patient with a chainsaw is unforgettable, and it was a nice diversion to see classic movie monsters such as Freddy Krueger play an important role along the trail. The “Deadwoods Haunted Trail” is an interactive, unique experience, you will crawl, you will have to play “tag” with demented demon children, and visit the hall of “movie monsters” in a new set piece that has great potential if tweaked slightly. The ending of the trail is also surprisingly intense, again using chainsaws in a creative manner.

The Final Word

Fear Hollow’s custom built design, and creativity makes it one of the best haunted attractions you can visit this year. When you first pull into the attraction, you may not expect much but we can assure you the surprises found throughout each attraction will entertain and scare. The attraction does a great job at separating groups from backing into each other, and uses diverse actor scare techniques to constantly keep guests on edge. Fear Hollow continues to grow and change each year, and we recommend that you visit and support their efforts to provide an incredible show.


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