Haunted Attraction Reviews

Elysburg Haunted House 2015 Review

Location: 487 at the Elysburg Gun Club

Webpage: http://www.elysburghauntedhouse.com/page/


The Elysburg Haunted House, sponsored by the Elysburg and Overlook Fire Departments, is a special haunted attraction experience that must be visited this Halloween season to truly appreciate. The haunted attraction is best described as an old-school funhouse like experience which incorporates multiple intense scares, some of the most creative set designs, disturbing themes, and talented volunteer scare actors who are present in every room, along the long trails and hidden in every corridor. The diversity of themes, sets and haunt styles found throughout this attraction is incredible. The Elysburg Haunted House incorporates pitch black areas, interactive rooms, tight hallways, and an overall creepy atmosphere which made us wish the attraction did not end. This is an incredible attraction custom built and designed to scare, and entertain haunt fans of diverse maturity levels.

As we continue the haunt season, the Elysburg Haunted House has become one of our all-time favorites, and we will admit we did not expect much as we first entered the house. When we first pulled up to the attraction we were shocked to see the crowds waiting to get tickets and then waiting to get into the attraction. The line rivaled that of more major haunts such as Terror Behind the Walls, and this is a testament to the attractions quality. The Elysburg Haunted House will scare you, make you laugh and make you yearn to explore in a non-stop action packed haunted attraction.


The Elysburg Haunted House starts off with a long trail through a dense forest featuring a multitude of scenes and sets such as a wasteland, abandoned insane asylum and a walk-through a demonic church. The initial outdoor walk-through is a creative diversion which is only a long que line, providing guests entertainment as they make their way to the ominous “haunted” house. The set designs found along the trail are creative, and scare actors are featured around each corner. The mini-sets or buildings found throughout the trail are creatively constructed. From a demonic church, to a carnival spinning tunnel, the outdoor trail is an impressive attraction which builds anticipation to the haunted house. We did have some issues with line backup as we made our way through the trail. Also, several actors seemed to be out of place, a few had their masks off and quickly attempted to jump back into character which hindered the scare effect. This issue occurred a few more times during the attraction but overall did not hurt the experience. The initial line backup issues made us wary of what was to come. Thankfully once we entered into the actual house groups were directed to enter the house in small numbers (2-4 guests).

While in the haunted house, we experienced diversity in scene design, and multiple types of scares. As we cautiously explored the haunted house we had to move through rooms that had large beams blocking our paths, had to duck, crawl and enter into various claustrophobic, pitch black hallways. Each staircase is uncomfortably tight, and the use of light prevented us from seeing the almost invisible scare actors. We particularly found several rooms and hallways memorable. The swamp scene features a disturbing “life-like” snake which pokes and prods at guests. The attraction also forces guests to enter into a pitch black maze in which actors grab and touch guests as they attempt to escape. Each room in the house features creatively designed animatronics, unique set pieces and talented scare actors who play humorous roles in some instances, and in other take a scary approach in their acting efforts. From the “witches” who offered us their lively “food”, to the medieval quarantine scene featuring an imposing character placing a “rat” into our faces, the actors found in this attraction are dedicated to providing entertainment and fear. The design of the house effectively builds an uncomfortable feeling, and the actors utilize their skills to scare. We witnessed a guest cry as they were about to enter the pitch black maze and the actors never relented.

Once our visit through the house was finished, the attraction continued onto a second outdoor trail. The final outdoor trail featured an abandoned “carnival” in which clowns attempted to abduct guests to get “free candy”, and we passed through a “blood bus” driven by demented clowns. The creative set designs and use of mini-indoor structures found throughout the final outdoor trail make this portion of the haunt scary and entertaining.  We did not get to experience the finale of the trail as the actors were scaring guests ahead of us, and again ran into several actors that were out of place due to the groups ahead of us. Overall though the trail was an incredible, creative and unique ending the Elysburg Haunted House. The set designs, props and scares will not be scene in any other haunted attraction.

The Final Word

The Elysburg Haunted House is one of the most entertaining, and at times scary haunted attractions we have ever visited. Despite some minor hiccups related to line backup, the talented volunteer scare actors and custom built attraction designs provide for an incredible experience. This is non-stop entertainment, and there are no dead areas as we made our way throughout each scene and set of the attraction. The diversity of the scare styles is incredible, and the attraction is lengthy. The Elysburg Haunted House will be a yearly visit and a must visit for the 2015 Halloween season!


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