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2015 Reapers Revenge Review


Location: 460 Green Grove Road, Olyphant, PA 18447


Reaper’s Revenge Haunted Attraction holds a special place in our hearts as we have spent quite a bit of time visiting this attraction and have developed friendships with the dedicated ownership and staff of this ever expanding haunted attraction. Reaper’s Revenge has opened its doors to us by inviting us behind the scenes on more than one occasion and we have witnessed first-hand the level of work and creativity placed into this attraction every year. Reaper’s Revenge uses feedback from actors, and the public to continuously improve and change its show throughout the season. Every night actors and staff members discuss what improvements need to be made, encourage each other to perform at the highest of levels and address any pressing issues with the attractions operation.

Reviews and fan feedback have made Reaper’s Revenge into one of the best overall haunted attractions in the area, which caters to haunt fans of diverse interests. We look forward to visiting them again this season as the show is guaranteed to only get better as the season progresses. A commitment to constant improvement, a creative and supportive atmosphere makes this attraction work so well and helps it stand out amongst the increasingly competitive haunted attraction industry.  The actors and designers of this attraction continuously strive to implement strategies that scare, incorporate paranoia and at times make guests laugh along their visit. The diversity in attractions, and unique interactions with talent actors adds excitement to the experience as all of the staff members are focused on providing guests with a quality show. Reaper’s Revenge continues to be our favorite overall attraction and look forward to seeing them again this season.


Reaper’s Revenge consists of four connected haunted attractions at the price of $35.00 (VIP Upgrade options are available). The attraction has added multiple upgrades this year, has added several new scenes to its “Haunted Hayride”, expanded the “Lost Carnival” attraction and augmented the intensity level of “Sector 13”.  The attraction is bound to become extremely crowded and we suggest you visit early in the season to avoid long wait times. We attended on their opening night and still had considerable wait times to get onto the wagon, and to be picked up after the Lost Carnival.  The popularity of this attraction continues to grow and is a must visit this Halloween season.


Haunted Hayride

The “Haunted Hayride” has undergone several upgrades and changes for the 2015 haunt season. Reaper’s Revenge has entirely revamped the opening scene, adding an impressive custom built castle which incorporates fantastic pyrotechnics to set the mood for an exciting hayride experience. The “Haunted Hayride” has also added several additional new scenes this year, including an impressive pumpkin forest scene in which large scale evil pumpkins glare at guests. The traditional scenes have also been tweaked to add to the attraction including an entertaining interaction between the mountains familiar “hillbilly” family.  While the attraction is not particularly scary, it does have impressive set designs and themes which cater to more casual haunted attraction fans. Famous movie monsters and scenes from such movies as “The Ring” still are a part of this attraction along with a familiar and entertaining visit to “Stanley’s Farm”. The attraction’s tweaks, massive new set designs and existing quality set pieces make the “Haunted Hayride” an entertaining, and at times creepy experience.

The “Haunted Hayride has the potential to enhance its scare level for more mature haunt fans if it were to add some key actors in some of the less populated areas along the trail. Perhaps a few actors at the abandoned “Camp Crystal Lake” site, or along the pumpkin trail can disorientate unsuspecting guests. Also, the hayride has added a creepy and strange tribal/sacrifice scene which starts out with a bang, and ends rather flat. Without spoiling the scene, actors yielding tribal masks appear to be ready to sacrifice a helpless “victim”, who interacts with guests on the wagon. The scene plays itself out as one which would be of horror movie quality, then ends rather abruptly. A more fitting end to such a fantastic new scene will boost its effectiveness. Finally, each year we mention the actual ending of the hayride as one set we wish would see some changes. We have found out that many guests enjoy the visit with the “Reaper” at the end of the attraction and were pleased to see the intensity of this scene increased last year. Last year the “Reaper” was insane, the monster shook the cart, it chased after the cart and did a great job at ending the hayride. This year, much to our joy, the “Reaper” once again displayed aggressive behavior and intensity chasing after the wagon as it departed the forest.


Lost Carnival

The “Lost Carnival” attraction at Reaper’s Revenge is one of the most unique, if not the most unique outdoor walk-through trail you can visit for the 2015 haunt season. The reason for its uniqueness, and possibly one of a kind setting, is the props and sets were at one time functional rides. From dilapidated merry-go rounds, to a sky-ride, the authenticity of the set designs adds to the surreal experience. The “Lost Carnival” has also added additional walk-through segments to the funhouse set and the actors of this attraction continue to be some of the best at using improvisation to interact with each guest. The “Lost Carnival” also boasts one of the most intense, claustrophobic sets in any haunted attraction. As guests pass through the Tunnel of Love, the use of slow strobe lights, loud techno music and tight spaces builds a level of tension that is hard to replicate in most outdoor attractions. A stronger ending to the Lost Carnival would make this portion one of the tensest experience in any haunted attraction.

The interactive aspect of the “Lost Carnival” allows guests to play various carnival “games”, and allows the actors to set a tone for each scare. The carnival barker before the Tunnel of Love promotes a ride on the abandoned “roller coaster”, encourages guests to explore a clown filled funhouse and enter into the Tunnel of Love. Furthermore, the soundtracks utilized during this attraction add to the experience as guests hear the sounds of rides, and creepy carnival music as they move along the trail. Actors are well hidden within the darkness, and lifelike props make it difficult to differentiate between what is “real” and not real. We wish this trail was even longer, and hope to see an ending that fits the level of tension which is built up throughout the attraction.


Pitch Black

After visiting so many haunted attractions and experiencing more “extreme” or mature haunts, we must admit that we have become slightly desensitized to being scared during our visits. However, the “Pitch Black” maze continues to do the trick as the use of darkness, loud noises, and extremely tight spaces is still panic inducing. Guests once again were crying and screaming to get out, could not fathom whether or not what they touched was alive, and were freaked out by the hidden actors. Pitch Black has not let up its level of intensity, it does not babysit guests who become trapped within its confines. Other dark mazes we have visited incorporate arrows or limited light to help guests escape. “Pitch Black” does not afford this option. The attraction overloads guest’s senses incorporating loud noises, buzzing, strobe lights, and interactive sets to promote fear. We have witnessed guests cry and beg to get out, have been run into plenty of times and never are let down by this attraction. What most people do not know is how detailed this attraction actually is. When viewed with the “lights on” there are scenes and designs including spiders and other interactive props that are only felt by guests and never viewed. Most would likely think this attraction is a simple dark maze, yet the level of detail in development of the attraction is on par with the other haunts found at Reaper’s Revenge. We hope to see continued growth of “Pitch Black” and despite multiple visits we still get lost in the darkness.


Sector 13

“Sector 13”, a custom post-apocalyptic metallic structure was added to Reaper’s Revenge in 2014. The attraction proved popular with guests, as it is the most interactive and aggressive attraction found at Reaper’s Revenge. This year, the actors turned up the intensity level in this attraction to make it even more exhausting. Guests were thrown on hospital tables, locked in cages and screamed at by barking guards, all while being disorientated by strobe lights, fog, and effective use of lighting. At some points it is almost impossible to see what monsters lurk throughout this compound, and the sensory overload of loud sound, sirens and helicopters are perfect non-stop distractions. “Sector 13” forces guests to play an interactive role in the attraction, and the actors, from mutated victims, to demented doctors do a phenomenal job at generating fear.

Final Word

Reaper’s Revenge should be an annual visit for any haunted attraction fan this season. The attraction grows and improves throughout the year and uses feedback in ways that most attractions don’t. Customer and actor viewpoints facilitate the changes which drive continuous improvement of this attraction and we look forward to visiting again this season.  The dedication of all staff members, quality of attractions and custom built set designs make this a unique haunted attraction experience that caters to diverse interests and maturity levels. From fans of more mature, extreme haunts to the general public Reaper’s Revenge offers a wide-array of entertainment options.  What also must be commended is the quality of acting, and makeup/costume design featured at Reaper’s Revenge. The level of training and dedication to their craft makes the entire experience far more enjoyable, personal and unique than most haunted attractions. Reaper’s Revenge theatrical presentation, detailed set designs and special effects make this haunt continued to stand out each year.

While visiting Reapers Revenge you will encounter the following; zombies, dancing zombies (think Thriller for those who never have attended), movie monsters, undead carnival workers, claustrophobic fear, a toxic waste dump, humor, and a post-apocalyptic warzone. The diversity alone makes this a must visit attraction for the 2015 season!

Pros- Haunted attraction incorporates diverse themes, sets which cater to wide array of haunt fans. Improved “Haunted Hayride” with additional scenes and set for the 2015 season. “Sector 13” actors are more aggressive and intense than ever! “Lost Carnival” is a surreal experience and “Pitch Black” continues to use darkness as a chief architect of fear.

Cons- Wait time may be long for those who do not attend early in the season or upgrade to a VIP pass. “Haunted Hayride” could use a few more actors to add surprises to the impressive new scenes.

Should you visit in 2015? –  Yes! Please be advised that his attraction continues to grow in popularity.


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