Location: 70 Ridgeway Drive, Dallas, Pennsylvania

Zombie Prom

Demon’s Gate Haunted Hayride will be hosting its first annual “Zombie Prom” this Saturday, August 4, 2018, from 6:00 pm at the Irem Temple, 70 Ridgeway Drive, Dallas, PA 18612 for just $15.00 at the door. “Zombie Prom” benefits the continued growth and expansion of this traditional yet innovative haunted hayride. Haunt fans who enjoy the “history” of the industry and appreciate a theatrical show put on by a group of dedicated horror fans will be best served by visiting Demon’s Gate in 2018. Demon’s Gate Haunted Hayride was by far the most surprising, and improved attraction of 2017 and proves our theory that the “best” haunted attractions arise from those who had a genuine passion and deep love for the industry. Read further for our 2018 haunt preview of one of the most entertaining attractions that in just one year grew by leaps and bounds!


2018 Haunt Preview

Not many haunted attractions can claim to have grown from a show that we at first felt was “amateur” at best to one that is a serious contender for one of the best local haunts in Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA). Two years ago, we were excited to visit a newly haunted hayride in NEPA spoke with the management team, and we’re excited about what we felt would be a solid year one attraction. What we witnessed was a poorly run haunt, with little to no scare acting, poor scenes and an utter disaster of a show. However, we found the management to be extremely responsive and committed to putting on a better show. We had made a vow never to return, and against what we thought was our better judgment happened to visit on a night we were free last season. Thankfully, better judgment lost, as we experienced a haunted hayride that had an “old-school” vintage feel yet was staffed with aggressive, passionate scare actors and realistic scenes that went above and beyond its first-year show. Over the course of one season, Demon’s Gate Haunted Hayride was by far the most improved attraction of 2017 and has laid the foundation for an exciting future.  

Furthermore, as we have a sincere appreciation for the haunt industry and its history, we were happy to see several scenes purchased and brought back to life from the infamous “LuLu’s House of Horrors” which proudly operated for over a century outside of Philadelphia. Seeing the iconic scenes such as a unique take on “Freddy Kruger” and a committed team that was taking their job seriously made us completely change our look on Demon’s Gate and its future. We began to believe in this attraction because every single staff member, actor, and volunteer believed in what they were trying to accomplish in their show’s presentation.

Yes, there were areas of criticism, yes there is room to grow, but we left impressed by what we saw and looked forward to the future. Ideally, Demon’s Gate will continue to focus on its “gritty” horror show, from disturbing asylums to gruesome scenes of slaughter, violence and the macabre are what this attraction does best. Violent scare actors bring to life “Jason” at “Camp Crystal Lake,” and the excitement of each actor could be felt in their dedicated performances.

Over the course of the past year, the Demon’s Gate Haunted Hayride’s management team has focused on stabilizing its solid 2017 show, as well as growing its show. Extensive work has been added to improve special effects, make-up design, and scenes that are larger and more intense than last year. An emphasis on “scary” is leading the way in the team’s design, and the team has already added a large number of new scare actors and help to make this year’s show shine. Controlled growth and a calculated business plan are another reason why the attraction is set to expand over the next few years. Decisions are made to help grow the attraction on a long-term basis. Demon’s Gate is focused on making sure every guest receives a great value for just $12.00, with brand new scenes and a finale that will cap off its enhanced show. As Demon’s Gate continues to grow, unique off-season events such as the upcoming “Zombie Prom” deserve your support as they strive to present a first-class show at a more than reasonable price.













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