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Location: Rt. 487 at the Elysburg Gun Club

The famous Elysburg Haunted House has expanded its attraction this year to incorporate several outdoor and indoor themes. The attraction benefits the Elysburg and Ralpho Fire Departments and is custom built in a hauntingly chilling actual haunted house. The Elysburg Haunted House starts off with a long trail through a dense forest featuring a multitude of scenes and sets such as a wasteland, abandoned insane asylum and a walk-through a demonic church. The initial outdoor walk-through is a creative diversion providing guests entertainment as they made their way to the ominous “haunted” house. The set designs found along the trail are original, and scare actors are featured around each corner. The mini-sets or buildings located throughout the trail are creatively constructed. From a demonic church to a carnival spinning tunnel, the outdoor trail is an impressive attraction which builds anticipation to the haunted house.

149359_817783971607000_7335887199414827044_nWhile in the haunted house, last year we experienced diversity in scene design and scares. As we cautiously explored the haunted house we had to move through rooms that had large beams blocking our paths, had to duck, crawl and enter into various claustrophobic, pitch black hallways. Each staircase is uncomfortably tight, and the use of light prevented us from seeing the almost invisible scare actors. We particularly found several rooms and hallways memorable. The swamp scene features a disturbing “life-like” snake which pokes and prods at guests. The attraction forced guests to enter into a pitch black maze in which actors grab and touch guests as they attempt to escape. Each room in the house featured creatively designed animatronics, unique set pieces, and talented scare actors who play comic roles in some instances and other take a scary approach in their acting efforts. From the “witches” who offered us their lively “food,” to the medieval quarantine scene featuring an imposing character placing a “rat” into our faces, the actors found in this attraction are dedicated to providing entertainment and fear.

1969232_810287285690002_4676410492484548399_nOnce our visit to the house was finished, the attraction continued onto a second outdoor trail. The final outdoor trail featured an abandoned “carnival” in which clowns attempted to abduct guests to get “free candy,” and we passed through a “blood bus” driven by demented clowns. The creative set designs and use of mini-indoor structures found throughout the final outdoor trail made this portion of the haunt scary and entertaining.


12019957_1009707632414632_2647777657163917282_nThe Elysburg Haunted House is a creative, classical haunted attraction that features set based and theatrical scares. This year construction work is focused on adding additional scenes and sets to an already expansive attraction. We were shocked at the level of detail implemented into this volunteer managed attraction and looked forward to the 2017 season!

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